Astrovibe Attackpod

About Us


I have long had a passion for games and the communities that they build. Having been involved with various communities over the years and having had experience serving as Community Manager for a group of over 100,000 players I know just how much gaming can bring people together. I hope to continue the tradition of making games and help grow the larger gaming community.


I have always had an affinity for games. Like most people, I started playing games as a kid and it eventually grew into a deeper appreciation for everything that makes games great. In college, my relationship to games deepened through competitive Smash Brothers and casually playing most other games, this helped me understand what I personally enjoy in games and I hope that I can contribute more to people out there like me!


I am very enthusiastic about video games, computers, electronics and vehicles. My first console was a Game Boy, I remember having to play under a light to be able to see it at night (Kids these days will never understand the struggle). I love building computers, I just get this sense of fulfillment when it's completed and boots for the first time. I also mod/repair various electronics (Game Boy's, DS's, PS Vita's). I modded my PS Vita and found a plethora of user made games and that's actually how I decided that I wanted to do some type of game development, and how cool is it to be able to do so for our Senior project.


I have been passionate about games since I was younger. I started out playing games on my Super Nintendo when I was younger and have transformed that to having multiple systems as well as a custom built computer. I played League of Legends competitively at Ohio State for a little while until I ultimately left school and joined the Air Force. Since then my love for gaming and its community has evolved and I hope it continues to grow in the future.


Like others I've been playing video games passionately for the majority of my life, starting with Age of Empires and StarCraft 1 when I was around 5. Since then I've always had an interest in video games and computers in general, building my first one when I was 13 years old. I've been a part of many communities both small and large and hope to participate in many more.