Astrovibe Attackpod

About the Game

Astrovibe Attackpod is a fun grid-based tower defense game set in space! Protect your base from invading aliens by placing various towers and comsumables. With each tower you are given the ability to upgrade or sell the tower in order to bolster your defense.


Playing the Game

Start the game from the main menu and press play to get into a game.

After that, choose a level to play and confirm you want that level. Please note that you cannot play a higher level until you beat the previous one.

Once in the game, choose a tower from the shop on the bottom of the screen by clicking on it and then click on a square on the map to place it.

Once a tower is placed you can upgrade it by clicking on it and choosing an upgrade when you have enough money. You also have the option to sell the tower for reduced value.

From there defend your base until all the rounds are complete to win the game.