USurvive is a time management desktop application for university students. Busy students can input their classes, assignments, and grades into USurvive. The homescreen provides a summary currently enrolled classes, upcoming assignments, and overdue assignments. The sidebar shows the classes for the day selected in the calendar and upcoming assignments relative to the selected calandar day. The classes view allows you to add, edit, delete, and see an overview of individual classes. The assignments view allows you to manage assignments by adding them, editing them, or deleting them. The gradebook allows you to enter assignment grades and calculate your overall GPA.

Final Demo

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a_Homeview The first and main screen of USurvive is Home. This screen shows the user vital information about their upcoming schedule including their current classes, upcoming assignments with current class grade, and any overdue assignments. Users can use the slider at the bottom of the page to adjust how far ahead they would like to see their upcoming assignments. In the bottom right of the Home, users can press the settings button to open the User File Management window. This window allows the user to swap and manage user files.

Classes page

a_Classview The Classes screen shows the user all of their currently added classes. To add a class, users can press the Add Class button located in the bottom right to open the Edit Class window. This window allows Users to input information about their class. Users have three different options for each individual class on this screen. The view button opens the Class Overview window, which displays various information about the class and allows the user to add an assignment for that class. The edit button opens the Edit Class screen which has the same functionality. The delete button removes the class from the current user file.

Assignments page

a_Assignmentsview The Assignments screen shows the user all of the assignments currently added and important information related to them. Users can add assignments through the Add Assignment button in the bottom right. This opens the Edit Assignment window, allowing users to input information about the assignment and setting up priorities/notifications. The edit by each assignment also opens this window. The delete button removes the assignment from the current user file.


a_Gradebookview The Gradebook screen displays all grade related information about the current user file. Users can edit assignment grades in the datagrid and filter by class using the dropdown box at the top of the screen. Below the datagrid, current overall grades for each class are shown along with a current semester GPA. Users can refresh grades and show their GPAs through the respective buttons on the screen.


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