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This project is our senior project that we have been working on over the span of two semesters. It was a client submitted project, so we have been constructing the application to fix the client needs. Read more about the app in the description below and how to use the app section. For a look at who all worked on the project along with the technology used, check out our about page.


Tumbler Tutorial Video

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkC5JM3KDus


This app will help individuals record falls and share information surrounding their falls with their doctors. There are a few question to answer in regards to the fall which is recorded and the doctor can pull down this infromation and view it on their own devices.


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How to use the app

After installing the app, using the app is very simple and straight forward. Upon opening the app, you are prompted with a login page. If you have an account already, log in with the correct email and password. Otherwise, click on the sign up option in the top right corner. This will require you to input some basic information for the account. Following that, the system will create an account and log in to the corresponding account type. Those who are not care providers are greeted with a screen asking if the user has experienced a fall. Below that is the infromation to allow a care provide to add that user so they can view the data. If you say yes to experiencing a fall, the app will display a series of questions that the user will input the answers to. Once you finish and select add entry, the data is recorded and stored.

There is also a view entry option at the bottom of the screen, selecting this will shift the app to view the entries. This portion displays a list of falls that have been recorded. At the top right, there is a filter option to limit the displayed falls to a certain date range.

For the care provider, it looks and behaves the same as already described. The biggest difference is that instead of asking if they experienced a fall, it has an option to add a patient. Which requires the patient to give them access to the data. They will be asked to give them some form of identifying to the patient. Afterward that patient will now be in the list of patients for the care provider. Upon tapping on the patient from the list of patients, the care provider is shown all the falls the user had recorded.