A QrReading app for paying your bill or generating a bill on your phone.

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A touchless payment app for use at food trucks and other small vendors.


The purpose of TabDab is to create a way for customers to touchlessly pay their bills at small food vendors for a more elegant payment experience as well as to ensure hygiene during the coronavius pandemic. TabDab also makes it easy for vendors to create bills, update menues, and view their daily totals.


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External Requirements

Running this app requires a camera on your device. The app may crash if run on a device without a camera meaning running on a simulator may not work. There are no other requierments at this time.


All that is need to be done is download and install the .apk file to your android device. You can also clone the repository and install the app to a physical device in Android Studio.



  • Download the .apk file from the TabDab repostiory.
  • Open the file on your device. The app should automatically install. You should be given the option to open the app after installation is complete. If not, open the app from the app drawer.

Clone Repository: First clone the repo in your desired directory:

  • git clone

  • Open Android studio and open the TabDab project.

  • Build the app using the green hammer at the top of the screen and it will localy build the app on your device.


Behavioral tests stored in the /app/src/androidTest/java/com/example/tabdab/ folder.

Unit tests are stroed in the /app/src/test/java/com/example/tabdab/ folder.

Testing Technology

Testing is done using Junit and Espresso APIs.

Running Tests

In order to run tests on the TabDab app. Follow these instructions:

  1. Clone the project then open the project in android studio.
  2. Right click on the com.example.tabdab(androidTest) option in the project window and click the Run option.
  3. Right click on the com.example.tabdab(test) option in the project window and click the Run option.
  4. All tests will complete after hitting run.


  • Cameron Knox
  • Max Hensler
  • Fei Zhu
  • Riley Conant
  • Tyler Shatley