The sensible obstacle sensor.

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What is Sense-Able?

It is sensible to use Sense-Able! (Well, you asked…)

Sense-Able is the sensible choice app to help those with visual impairments explore the world around them. Using the LeddarTech® LIDAR, Sense-Able helps you avoid walls, pillars, stairs, and more!

Currently, Sense-Able is a research demo, intended to demonstrate the concept (See the warning below). With Sense-Able, you can detect obstacles using a real-time stream, detect obstacles from recorded sample files, or record your own files for testing.

Setup Instructions

First, download and install the latest release here!

Run the installation script from the terminal:

sudo ./install-senseable

Then run the program via the wrapper script from the build directory:



To see how easy it is to use Sense-Able, please watch this brief video demonstration: Link to the Sense-Able Tutorial

Explore Features

To discover what you can do with Sense-Able, please visit the features page.


To find out more about the app development team and the clients, please visit the about us page.


The Sense-Able app is currently a research demo, intended for demonstration only. We strongly advise against using Sense-Able, in its current state, to avoid contact with any of the obstacles supported or unsupported. By using this app, you agree to the condition that the SCCapstone group, and all members within, are not responsible or liable for any injury that resulted from use of this app.