This application is designed to help the user figure out any issues they may have with their health coverage.

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Healthy Connections Prime

This application is designed to help the user figure out any issues they may have with their health coverage. By asking a series of questions that are designed to reach desired information, the user will have a better understanding of what they must do or who they must contact to solve their specific issue. If the user has any questions about the application or would like to have more information, they call the toll free number at the bottom of the app which directs them to the help of our Healthy Connections Prime Ombudsman.

Our app is targeted towards senior citizens who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Given our target demographic we have designed our application to be as minimal and simple as possible to aid those less tech-savy. While our primary goal is to help the user, this application also aids our client, Healthy Connections, by expediting the process of aiding those in need. With more complaints and issues being handled without the hassle of being forwarded to several phone numbers, the Prime Ombudsman may better direct their efforts at helping the truly unique issues with coverage that require in depth solutions. It lightens their work load and helps streamline the process, allowing them to work much more efficiently.

How to Use the App

Healthy Connections Prime Details & Tutorial

If you cannot view the video, we will provide a brief description of the application and how to use it.

When you open the application, you will find yourself at the home screen with a question and buttons below that are the answer choices to that question. The user answers the question with their choice of button and will be presented with another question with options to reach a solution specific to the user’s situation. The solutions are the appropriate phone endpoint for the user.

Home Screen

Example Solution

For instance, for many issues, the user may need to contact a Medicare representative to solve their problem. If that is indeed the case, the application will give the user the option to call Medicare. The user is provided with a button to call a Medicare representative to appropriately handle their situation.

We provide numbers for Medicare, Medicaid, SHIP Counselors, Healthy Connections Choices, SC Thrive, Maximus, Absolute Total Care, Molina Healthcare, or First Choice representatives. There is always a button at the bottom of the screen to contact the Healthy Connections Prime Ombudsman when the user runs into any problems along the way.

The applications menu can be access by the hamburger icon (triple stack) in the top left corner of the screen. The menu will open from the left side and will have three options:


This screen describes the general aim of the application and the functionality of the application.


This screen provides the user with the website and phone number of each dual elligible healthcare providers.

Contact Us

This screen provides the user with the address, office hours, email, fax, and phone number of Healthy Connections.

Healthy Connections Terminal

This application aids the Prime Ombudsman in keeping track of those that need their help. It provides anonymous progress through the Healthy Connections Prime decision tree of the person they are currently talking to or are about to talk to. It may be found at the provided link below although it is password protected as it is only usable by the Ombudsman:

Open Healthy Connections Terminal

UPDATE! The Healthy Connections Website is up and running along with the link to the Youtube video. Here is the link!