Video chat made modern

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CocktailParty is designed to solve the problems of traditional video communication by providing users with a more effective simulation of the real-life large gathering experience. CocktailParty allows users to join a 2-D virtual room where they can move their camera feed around to interact with others, featuring a proximity-based voice chat system enabling multiple conversations to take place at once.

Choose from 3 unique floor spaces

From the Home page, a user can choose from 3 layouts to host a room that others can join with a uniquely generated code. Once in the room, users can move about the space freely using the arrow keys. CocktailParty automatically selects video and audio devices, but users have the ability to choose which devices are used in the Settings page.

Continue the conversation with direct messaging

Each user has a unique code that others can use to add them as a friend. Users can chat with each other with a fully functioning message system. In order for users to exchange direct messages, they must first be friends.

Note: the final CocktailParty demo video will be available by April 26th at 11:59pm.