Isador: The Old English Learning App

Isador is an interactive language learning app for students learning Old English (also referred to as Anglo-Saxon). The app invites users to progress through a series of short lessons. Each lesson is paried with a quiz where the learner can practice and solidify knowledge acquired in the lesson

How-To Video

Why use our app?


The app works with gamification in mind. When a user first logs into the app, they are greeted with a Level 1 Hive, the lowest hive level. Through use of the app and completion of quizzes, the hive level can increase to a maximum of 5. Below is the 5 different hive levels a user can reach.

Lessons and Quizzes

The lessons exist to teach material that will be covered in the different quizzes. Typically, there will be one lesson linked to one quiz. Here is an example of one such lesson, taken from our Germinates lesson.

Interactive Glossary

Our app also includes a glossary that can be accessed from any menu page. This glossary allows a user to search for any Old English word that is used in the app that they do not know the translation for. They can then get direct English translation for that word.