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This app was created to assist with writing proofs in Euclidean geometry. It provides an intuitive graph screen along with a text box for your proofs. The proof text can be edited and the graph can be edited, and both affect each other, allowing for the user to intuitively create proofs like Euclid did!


You can try the app now by clicking the "Try It" button on the navigation bar.


Here we can see a screenshot of the app. On the left-hand side is the graphs screen, and on the right-hand side is the proof code. There are three arbitrary points A, B, and C. We can see these points on both the graph and the proof code on lines d1 through d3. On the graph we also see a line a and a circle b. This is also reflected on the proof code of lines d4 and d5 respectively. The proof code also tells you which points are used to create these shapes. The line (called a "streak" in Euclidean geometry) is created from p1 (A) and p2 (B), so we see a line connecting points A to B. The circle is drawn with its center at p2 (B) and its radius intersecting with p3 (C). You can also see the project is entitled "MyProject", as projects can be saved and loaded in this app.