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About the App

WhatsTheMove is a cross platform mobile application that targets a majority of college students. Students often pick which events they want to attend by the people they expect to be there. WhatsTheMove is an application that will allow student organization's, event representatives, general users to post events where people can declare whether they are planning on attending and later checking in at the time of the event. From here, others using the application can know just how many people to expect at the event and live updates from people attending. For the user, the app will rank events to display the most popular events in the area for the day by category based on popularity, event hits, and predicted attendance. Some of the categories may include academic events, social events, and organizational events. Instead of asking friends for plans, one could simply check the app to see the hot events for the day across campus. Our users include: college students looking to find events to attend, professors when their classes are not held in a traditional classroom, student organizations and local business catering to college students. Users will primarily use this app to determine events around them based on location and popularity of the event.

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Our Mission

Entertaining Events for everyone.


Use our app to create, connect and engage locals to events in a convinient feed


See whats happening around you and get involved!


Stay informed on the best events nearby, while letting others know what's the move, or what's not.


No events pique your interest? Create your own! Invite people, keep the madness to a minimum using our simple event creation tool.

De'Aira Bryant

Cheif Executive Officer.


Tyler Encke

Cheif Technology Officer

Garrett Gladden

Cheif Information Officer


Michael Alcena

Cheif Financial Officer

Lauren Hicks

Human Resources

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