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The Tache app is a marketplace to buy and sell tasks

Tache | The App for Do-ers and Seekers

Every had something around the house you just kept putting off and off? Of course we can’t all afford a personal gardener, cook, computer whiz, and maid, but with Tache you can get more things done while providing work options to fellow neighbors in your community.

Conversely, have you ever wanted to make some side cash taking advantage of skills you already have? Want to work on your own time without relying on heavy marketing or complete separation from the regular workforce. Tache can allow you to pick up tasks your neighbors have created for a set price.

Get started

Tache is currently available on iOS devices with internet. Simply download the app to begin.

Next register using a unique email and password (don’t worry your data’s safe with us ;)). Now you’re ready to make the most of Tache by buying and selling tasks, messaging other users, and buffing up your profile.

Video Tutorials

Create a new Tache

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Register for Taches

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Edit your profile

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The Team

Tache was created by a team of five students (Adam Hogan, Aida El Kouri, Connor Coughlin, Will Scott, Justin Brooks) under the guidance of Brendan Drew and the Capstone project (CSCE 492). If you have any problems with the app, feel free to open an issue on our Github repo @SCCapstone/tasks.


-If you’re getting errors building, try running npm install promise-polyfill --save-exact