Drink Your Problems Away

What is Hops?

Hops is a exciting new app that helps you find new and exciting drinking locations! Enjoy going out with your friends? We got you covered! With the lastest in social media technology, Hops allows you to easily coordinate with your friends for a exciting night on the town.

Exclusive Events

Never drink alone again! With Hops, you will get the latest updates on the hottest events near you! Hops allows you to share and organize events at local bars near you. Don't have any friends? Not a problem, Hops also displays public events nearby so you never have to drink alone.

Food and Drinks

Explore the tasty local cuisine and exciting brews at local bars near you. We use the latest revolutionary Yelp! API to bring this information right to your fingertips.

Hops Video


Creators of Hops

David Kuzmin

I am a 21 year old computer science major at the University of South Carolina. I have worked with a variety of web technologies over the past 3 years, with a particular focus on cross platform experiences. In my spare time I enjoy cycling and precision shooting.

Dustin Lindquist

I am a former US Navy language analyst and current Computer Science major at USC. Interested in software development and network security.

Andrew Kimble

Major in Computer Science and minor in Statistics. Interested in mobile development and working with Big Data.

Nicholas Baxter

I'm a computer science major at USC interested in software design, hockey, and working on cars.

Andrew Freix

I'm major in Computer Science and am interested in soccer, improv, and all things software