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Here is a comprehensive video tutorial detailing many of the app's features and how to most effectively use the UofSCTourAR app. See below for more details!


The UofSCTourAR app gives every user the ability to take a complete tour of the University of South Carolina from their mobile device.

Featuring 18 Points of Interest, users can take a self guided tour of campus and visit some of the most prominent historic, academic, or athletic structures on campus. Each AR tour stop allows users to view photos of the landmark, read some infomation similar to what you would hear on a guided campus tour, and test their knowledge with a quiz. Users can review their progress through Tour History page and unlock achievements throughout their experience!

Harnessing the powerful technology of the Unity AR Foundation Framework and Mapbox Studio, UofSCTourAR provides a unique tour experience that is customized for the University of South Carolina campus.


Home Screen


Get a fully immersive Augmented Reality experience on the UofSC Campus. Pictured is the Historic Horseshoe, a prominent feature on campus and main attraction within our app.

Mapbox Map


The 2D map is powered by Mapbox Studio, with custom data points at each of our Points of Interest. Use the 2D map to orient yourself and see which Points of Interest you are close to.


AR Tour Stop

Each tour stop allows the user to place an interactive object in Augmented Reality. View photos and information about each Point of Interest, or test your knowledge with a quiz!

Tour History

Tour History

See where you've been with Tour History. Feel free to visit Points of Interest as many times as you like, but Tour History helps you keep track of what you've already seen.



Search allows you to see and search an exhaustive list of the available Points of Interest. Forgot a key piece of information? View a short summary of each POI from the Search screen.



Can you visit all the Points of Interest? Unlock achievements as you visit more tour stops, and try to unlock them all!

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