Tidewater Boats

Tidewater Boats


Login Screen
The entry point of the web app.
Home Screen
Home page for the web app. From here users can add a new boat to production, view all boats, update and view each specifc boat, or export current production floor excel spreadsheet.
Add New Boat
Page to add a new boat to production.
View All Boats
All boats currently in production are listed on this page.  Users can filter the list of boats by model or current step.
Edit Boat
Page to view specific info for a boat.  Users can update the current boat step from this page, as well as generate a pdf hinge sheet for that boat.
Exported Hinge Sheet
Example PDF Hinge Sheet
Excel Spreadsheet
Example of exported Excel Spreadsheet
Admin Login
Login Screen for Admin Portal.  Login setup with Two-Factor Authentication


Currently, Tidewater Boats uses hand notes and Microsoft Excel to keep track of where a boat is in the production process. The purpose of this app is to make it easier on the workers to know where an individual boat is at any point, while also being able to update the boat in real time. This app can also be used to rely information to Dealers faster and more reliably. There are built in tools that export spreadsheets and generate PDFs for all boats in the system saving time for even more people at Tidewater.

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