A desktop application for Windows that will be used in administering quizzes in academic styled competitions


A desktop application for Windows that will be used in administrating quizzes in academic styled competitions. It allows up to three teams to compete against each other in a quiz session.

How to Use This Application

To use this application you have to simply download the binary (.exe) file. To do this, click on the “View on Github” button located on the yellow banner near the top of the page and click it to launch. Once on the GitHub webpage, locate the icon that says ‘5 Releases’ which is right above the green bar in the center of the page. Click on this icon and you will be sent to a page that says ‘1.0 Release’ at the top of the page. Below that, you will find the V1.0 file. Download this file and then open the 4.5.2 folder and launch the QuizGreen application. You will be prompted by a pop-up asking if you would like to extract all files, extract all the files and then open the ‘V1.0 Release’ folder then the 4.5.2 folder and launch the QuizGreen app again. After completing these steps the application will launch

There are at least two additional files needed to create a quiz session, a ruleset file which is in XML format, and a question file that is in RTF (Rich Text File) format. Examples of both of these files are included with the v1.0 release of QuizGreen.

Demo Video

To view a video demonstrating the features and process of creating and finishing a quiz, please click the image below.

.Demo Video.

How to Create a Quiz Session

After the main menu you are brought to the Create Quiz screen. Clicking the respective buttons will allow you to load in a ruleset, and question files.

create quiz screen

Once the necessary files are loaded you click next and it brings you to the input selection page. The dropdown allows you to select between the keyboard or the seat buzzers.

create quiz screen

Once you have selected the input method, the program will bring you to the team creation screen where you can name your teams and individual team members.

team screen

After the teams are set up to your satisfaction click the start button and it will open the judge and player screens and YOUR QUIZ CAN BEGIN!

judge screen

About Us

Programmers who worked on this project:

James McGaha

Alex Willich

Spencer Powell

Kenji Tjendra

Theodore Stone

Nathaniel Stone