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About us

This application was created by Julia Coleman, Ralph DeFilio, Marin O’Brien, Hayley Lichtenfels, and Nicole Dorney for our Capstone project 2019-2020.

About our application

We created Builderoni, a web application that allows users to create 3D shapes that they can download on print on their own. Our app also includes a secure log-in feature where the user has their own account, a resource page that provides tips for creating their three dimensional design, and a social page which is a blog like page that shares recent news and developments in the world of 3D printing.

You can final our released application here.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use Builderoni!

The URL for the video is:

Screen Shots

Here are some screenshots of our finished application.

This is the home page, where you will be directed too after logging in or creating an account.

This is the top of the build page, that has all of the directions on how to create your design.

This is the building section of the build page, with an example of a design that was created.

The next two screenshots are pictures of the resources page, with hints and descriptions about 3D printing in general.

This is a special feature page, Social. It is meant to serve as a blog like forum where we share recent news or interesting facts about 3D printing.


Our Github repo is linked at the top of this page.