Upon first using our app, you need to register an account (an email address) and password.

If you login as a regular user, you’ll have access to the map (the main screen) in which you can click or tap on an advisory to see the wherabouts of the advisory and when it was issued. The map will have advisories shown as green markers indicating this is an advisory marker. The map will also show your current location (if you enable your browser/phone to let the app use your current location) and will be shown with an unlabeled blue marker. Red markers are the locations you have entered and wish to see on the map so that you can see if an advisory is ever in your area or an area you are concerened with.

From the map screen, you can navigate to the main menu (in the top left) or navigate to the a list view (in the top right).

The list view shows the advisories in a textual view and if you select a location from the dropdown menu, the advisories will order themselves from closest distance to furthest distance. There is also a share button to the right of the text in which you can share this advisory an a type of social media.

If you went to the menu screen from the map screen, you will see 3 tabs in which you can go see your locations you have entered as well as add a new one(s), you can find out more information on the nature of boil water advisories and how you can subscribe to a free text messaging system the city of Columbia sends out when an advisory is issued near you, as well as a logout feature that will simply log the user out.

To login as an administrator to test pushing alerts to our database and having the map project them, you login with

Username: Password: admin

This will give access to all of the same features the user has, except the admin has the ability to push an actual advisory to the database to which that advisory shows up for all users. To delete an advisory, simply slide(drag) the advisory to the left and then press the red delete button. Adding an advisory is as simple as pressing the add advisory button which is found at the top right of the manage advisories screen (logged in as admin -> menu -> manage advisories). You can give advisories a street number and street name, the city, the date issued and then any detailed information you think the user should be aware of and then simple press the add advisory button. We were still perfecting a method to repeal advisories in a way to let the user know the advisory had been repealed but could still see the advisory for a brief amount of time afterwards rather than just deleting it as an admin and a user having no way to see anything about that advisory any more.