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What is Glass Opus ?

Glass Opus is an open source rotoscoping software. The software will provide a variety of features that enable students and artists to develop creative works from start to finish. Drawing with a variety brushes and vectors, and image manipulation are among the many features than one can employ to create their vision.

The focus of Glass Opus, and the team behind it, is to provide a free software that students and artists can use to further their work and portfolio. This is often a difficult endeavor for artists due to the restrictive cost of major software. Since Glass Opus is open source, users can tweak features or add their own to suit specific needs. It will also serve as a foundation for those who seek to improve their knowledge in image processing and manipulation, as well as basic graphics programming.

To familiarize with Glass Opus further, refer to this manual or watch the demo video below.

Glass Opus Demo Video

Check out this demo video to see what Glass Opus is, along with why and how you should use it.

Example Projects

Checkout some of these projects that were made with Glass Opus!

Girl Rainbow City

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