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Powerswitch is a smart energy game designed to build your awareness of the different forms of energy and how to use them more efficiently. See if your choices of vehicles and energy sources you picked get you to your last stop before running out of powerpoints.

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Select your vehicles

Select Your Vehicle

Take a look at the energy prices on the top of the screen. Consider this when making your vehicle choices. Certain vehicles use more energy than others. However, a lower energy priced vehicle may take a longer path. Consider all the factors when playing a level.

Consider the energy market

Consider the Energy Market

Each level has a different number of points and vehicles. Choose a combination of vehicles to get from the start point to the end point. Remember different combinations will use different types of energy.

Watch your Powerpoints

Select Your Vehicle

After making your selections and pressing "Go!" watch how your PowerPoints drain. If you don't make it to the goal point before they run out, consider your vehicle choices and how they affected your PowerPoints supply. Try a different combination and see if anything changes!

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