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Purpose: Make an app for the SCDOT which will allow people to report potholes or other obstruction they experience on the roadways.

This application runs only on Android devices.

This application is intended to provide users with a quick and easy avenue for report road damage to the South Carolina Department of Transportation Maintenance Work Request for repair.

Damage markers submitted by users other than yourself will appear only if they have been given a title and description.

Your address and name will be required before submitting reports to SCDOT but are not required for account creation and local report creation.

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Tests were created using Android Studio.

Unit Test:

To perform the unit test, select Run from the menu bar in Android Studio, then select Run… A window will pop up and when prompted select the EmailValidatorTest. Android Studio will then run a series of 7 tests that check if emails are valid using the class we created.

Behavioral/Integration Test:

To perform the behaviroal test, select Run from the menu bar in Android Studio, then select Run… When the window prompts you, select MapActivityTest. Android Studio will pop up the emulator selection window. Select a virtual device and the test will begin running with results in the console in Android Studio.

For Quality Assurance testing team:

IMPORTANT: If you plan to submit a report to the SCDOT to test the feature, please fill the description field with the following text:



Installation on emulator:

Download app-debug.apk from RC1 release. Run your emulator then drag and drop app-debug.apk onto the emulator to install.

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