A goal setting app where users can balance their lives by working on various aspects of their lives!

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This goal setting app is geared towards college student to better balance their college career, but can be benificial to many people not in a college environment.

The seven different types of goals a user can set


A user can set small step in this goal to achive more balance in their life. Some examples of such a goal would be to budget their time or money.


A user can set steps in this goal in order to work on their wellness. A couple examples of this goal would be to take a go take a 15 minute walk or doing ten push up.


A user can set steps in this goal in order to work on their attitude towards situations or other people. Examples of a step towards better attitude would be to say hi to a stranger or do a random act of kindness.


A user’s legacy can be often overlooked, but by being reminded through the app they would be more inclined to work on their legacy. A legacy goal could be to join a leadership position around campus.


Students attend college to learn more about themselves and learn about what they are capable of. Users can set a goal of trying to learn or improve a skill in order to increase their potential.


Success is unique to each user but a example could be to land that new job or internship.


This section is used to make users think about what their long term goals are which can also overlap with the other goals. An example of long term goal could be to run a marathon.

A Demo of our app: