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What is Parenting?

Parenting is an Android and iOS App that provides parents with information, tricks, and tips to discipline and raise healthy, productive, happy children effectively. Joseph P. Boland, our client, believes that “most problems in the world like lying, stealing, cheating, greed, corruption, aggression, violence, narcissism, arrogance, depression, anxiety, anger problems, lack of compassion, lack of empathy, lack of motivation, bullying, poor self-esteem, underachievement, and many more can be traced back to insufficient or ineffective parenting.

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Parenting Quick-Start Guide

Step 1 - Install and Open App

After installing the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, please open Parenting. If your installation was successful, your phone screen should look like this:

Step 1 - Login

Step 2 - Create Account

To create an account for your family, please hit the “create account button” and type in your chosen email and password.

Step 2 - Account Creation

Step 3 - Create Profile(s)

After creating your account, you will have an oppuntity to create a profile for each parent and child in your family. This step can be completed at a later time by going into the Profiles tab.

Step 3 - Profile Creation

Step 4 - Start Subscription

In order to use Parenting’s features, your family will need a subscription. After imputing your payment information, you will be taken to the home screen of the app.

Step 4 - Payment

Step 5 - Home Screen

The home screen is the “hub” to access all of Parenting’s content and features.

Step 5 - Home Screen