Mobile Dungeon

Mobile Dungeon is looking to create a mobile game with dungeon crawler and MMO elements. The game uses Unity as a framework and is primarily written in C#. Key features include the use of an on screen joystick or dpad, auto attack player abilities, and the use of checkpoints throughout the game. One goal is for the user to be able to jump right back into the game right where they left off to continue progressing through the game.

Demonstration Video

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Why use Mobile Dungeon?

Mobile Dungeon combines classic controls of mobile gaming with a new twist on the players adventure in an easy to learn game that can be picked up whenever. Allow players to just pickup the game and play for any time limit keeps the gameplay of Mobile Dungeon fresh. Each play through can grant the player different abilities and items to always give the player new challenges and exploration of gameplay styles. Want to hack and slash or do speedruns? Mobile Dungeon allows the player to play the game they want to play!

How to play Mobile Dungeon

Players will be greeted by the Main Menu when first entering the Mobile Dungeon app. Players can then choose to jump right into the game, opening the settings menu, and an items menu. In the settings menu, the music volume can be adjusted. In the items menu, you can view items the player picks up throughout the game and equip or unequip these items. Each item will grant the player some sort of boost. When jumping into the game, the player will enter the first room and work their way through room by manuvering through the jumping platforms and battling various enemies in each room. At the beginning and end of each room will be a set of doors that will transition the player between each room. Chests can also be found in rooms that will grant players new items and coins. At the end of each stage of room levels, a shop room will be availabel for players to purchase new equipment. After exiting the app, players progress will not be saved and players can start a new playthrough when the app is opened again.

External Requirements

In order to build this project you first have to install:


MD_1 MD_2 MD_3


Open the project using Unity.


Build the project at File -> Build Settings -> iOS or Android (The module can be installed here if you don’t have it installed already) -> Build.


In 492 you will write automated tests. When you do you will need to add a section that explains how to run them.

The unit tests are in /test/unit.

The behavioral tests are in /test/casper/.

Testing Technology

In some cases you need to install test runners, etc. Explain how.

Running Tests

Explain how to run the automated tests.


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