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Why Use MobileAssistant?

MobileAssistant is an all in one personal assistant that can do many things. It can hold a conversation, help direct you to your location, check the whether, and more. With the use of MobileAssistant you can save time in your day by creating events, checking the traffic, and playing games all in one place.

How to Use MobileAssistant

You can send any message to the assistant, and it will converse with you, but it will default to searching the internet for what you asked it for if it does not understand what you are talking to it about.

In order to access your google calender to edit or get information about events, user would have to give the app permission to access the calendar. When commands about events entered in the chat, the app will ask the user to either login into your gmail or to pick an existing gmail and ask for permissions. (Please note: The app is still under “testing”, so if you would like to test the app please give us your gmail address because we have to add your gmail into the “testers” list for the Google API Console, otherwise you won’t have the permission to use the Google Calendar API and will cause error when run commands relate to events.)