by Justin Schneider by Tony Frazier by George Clayton

by Jacob Huffstetler by Jaymel Dash


This project seeks to aid the athletic training staff at the University of South Carolina. The training staff currently use a pencil and paper method of tracking water weight loss by weighing athletes before and after practice. The trainers then input this data into an Excel spreadsheet to calculate athlete hydration status. The purpose of Hydration-Manager is to shift this process to an online, web-based application. The application will alert staff immediately if athletes are dehydrated, improving response time for cases of severe dehydration and promoting the overall health of student athletes

  1. Download the Git Repo from

  2. Install Node.js and Meteor from

  3. Install the necessary npm and meteor packages

    $ cd .\Hydration-Manager\
    $ meteor npm install
  4. To run the App locally

    $ meteor
  5. and the app will be running at




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