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Free to Fosters is a way for foster families to find and recieve donated goods that they need. Users that are not foster families are able to upload items that they want to donate to the app and foster families can go onto the app and claim them. Foster families are also able to donate goods that they no longer use as well and create requests for items that they need.




Installation to Get Set Up

  1. Install Node.js v12 or Current version
  2. Install React-Native npm install -g react-native-cli
  3. Install dependencies
    1. Change directory to the project directory
       $ pwd
    2. Run npm install and yarn install
  4. Install CocoaPods (Mac OS platform)
    1. Run sudo gem install cocoapods if there is no result after runing which pod
    2. Change to the ios directory
       $ pwd
    3. Run pod install
  5. Install Firebase
    1. Run yarn add firebase to add Firebase


  1. Android

    Run react-native run-android or yarn android in the project directory

  2. IOS

    Run react-native run-ios or yarn ios in the project directory


Unit Testing

Behavior Testing

Meet the Team

Steven Childs

Junzhe Xue

Minqi Yu

Clayton Oney

Anna Bottu