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Why use our app?

If you’ve EVER had a problem of deciding what food restaraunt to eat at , this is the app for you! With this app you will able to look at nearby restaraunts, add them to a list, and then randomly select one with a fancy spinning wheel. You are also able to add friends and then invite your friends to the selected restaraunt!

How to run our app

download and install the following apk

How to use the app

When first entering the app , you will be greeted with a sign in page. If this is your first time using the app then you will need to click the create an account button , and if you forget your password you will need to hit that button. signinpage

This page creates a profile if its already finished. createprofilepage

The forget password page. forgetyourpassowrd

You are able to toggle between light mode and dark mode as well inside the app. darkmodefeature

On this page you will able to add restaraunts and spin to randomly select one as well as sort by category. wheelpage

On this page you are able to find nearby restaraunts with the search bar. mappage

On this page you are able to edit information about your profile. profilepage

On this page you are able to see pending friend requests as well as send them out. friendlistpage

Demo video

Demo Vid

(click the image to be re-routed and watch our demo video on youtube)


Our github repo :