Dirty History Crawler is a continuation of a project originally started by Dr. Colin Wilder, the Associate Director of the Center for Digital Humanities, here at USC.

The purpose of the project is to provide a source of bibliographic data with awareness of the interconnectivity between records to give Dr. Wilder more data for his research.

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The home page provides a simple interface to make searches and sign in.

Advanced Search

There is an advanced search tool to allow users to perform ad-hoc searches across any number of fields.

Simplified Data Structure

Each item in the database is kept in a simple and easy to use data structure. This should help further down the line for easy use in research contexts.

User Accounts

The system supports multiple user accounts and allows users to save previous searches and keep track of books that pique their interests.

Search Results

The system provides its results in an easy to read format.

Search Results Graph

All the data is stored in a graph-based database, which makes it easy to present an interconnected view of the stored items.