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The AahaRx Diabetes Management App is an Android application designed to help diabetes patients interact with their nutritionists & clinicians effortlessly.

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AahaRx For Diabetes Management

Inputting Glucose Logs

The AahaRx application's main focus is the glucose levels of Diabetes patients. Here the patient can input their daily glucose levels which will display in the form of a graph once enough data has been added. Patients can also edit/remove glucose levels from the homepage in the glucose log table at the bottom

Accessing your Patient List

Each nutritionist account has a unique set of patient accounts linked to them. This is so that each nutritionist is able to link and easily access their patient's diet, glucose, and medication logs. Patients can be added to a nutritionist's list by having the nutritionist enter their email and adding them.

Diet Screen

Here the patient can review and input their daily diet. They can also check for their nutritionist's suggestions regarding their diet.

Patient Home Screen

From the home screen patients can view their fasting, post-meal, and blood glucose levels via the three circles. They can also access their medications, diet, and input new glucose levels from this screen as well.

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