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The Capstone Labyrinth is a desktop pixel-art game. You are placed in the center of the Labyrinth, with the objective of slaying the 4 monsterous bosses hidden in it’s depths. But conquerors beware…you are not the only one who wanders the Labyrinth’s halls.

You can read our Project Description for more information.
Project Repository: Capstone Labyrinth

External Requirements

The Capstone Labyrinth Game comes will all necessary libraries. No external requirements.


Our team used the Visual Studio 19 IDE to compile and build our game. All information on how to build within Visual Studio 19 can be found in Microsoft’s documentation.

When pulling and building the source code, the Game.exe should build in the Game/ directory. If this is not the case, simply build the project, and place Game.exe in the Game/ directory.

The user should not have to build the project within Visual Studio 19, as the latest release will include the most recent release build. Please refer to the Running portion for game execution.



  1. Download .zip and extract into place of your choosing
  2. Download Game.exe, and place in Game/ directory of extracted .zip file
  3. Windows will ask if you want to run .exe anyway, click “More Info”, then “Run Anyway”
  4. Enjoy!




All the tests for our project can be located in the Unit_Tests directory, within the Unit_Tests.cpp file

Testing Technology

To run the unit tests designed for our game, you will need Visual Studios 19. We implemented the “Native Unit Test Project”, which uses the native Microsoft CppUnitTest framework designed for use on Windows.

Running Tests

Create a local copy of our project, build it by clicking “Build Solution” from the Build tab in the toolbar (Release x86), and then navigate to the Test tab in the toolbar. Click on “Test Explorer”, and then “Run All Tests” (a double green arrow icon). This will display the status and time it took to run each test.


Kurt Walker: (843-781-0097)
Caila Buckhaults: (803-409-8477)
Noah Wartzack: (410-336-6049)
Carson Stabell: (803-339-9495)
Samuel Dunny: (843-330-1257)






Demo Video Demo Video

Play Testing Feedback

” I like the game it’s difficult but fair, however I found a handful of bugs, some enemies just dissapear and then reappear out of nowhere and that killed me twice, and then I found out that you can just hold down the space bar and it just keeps attacking I feel like there should be like a .5 second cool down on player attacks just so that you can’t just hold down space bar and keep going, also I wish there were more options such as being able to play with WASD instead of direction arrows because that’s what’s natural for most PC gamers in general. But I like it it gives me binding of Isaac vibes” - Nick Harman