COVID Tracker


Our Android application keeps the user updated on the recent COVID-19 cases in the area. Users can view locations that have a high number of COVID cases as well as report COVID positive cases to help other users stay safe during the pandemic. In order to enhance the user experience, we have integrated Google Maps in our application. Furthermore, our application provides a statistical analysis on COVID-19 cases in the state and displays important information about the Coronavirus that will help the user stay informed. We want our users to stay safe, and to make that happen we have included a page for the users to interact and notify COVID-19 related information.

Maps Page

We have integrated Google maps in our application to promote visual exploration of COVID-19 cases in the user’s area and other areas within the United States. The positive COVID-19 cases submitted by the users are automatically displayed on the maps for better user experience. To conserve the user’s privacy and anonymity, the location obtained by the application are scattered in a 3-mile radius. The maps enable the user to stay safe during the pandemic and enjoy the user’s area of interest (i.e., grocery stores, restaurants). Furthermore, the users can view the date of their report as well as other user’s reports by clicking on the icons to stay informed.

Stats Page

The statistical report displayed on our application provides data on COVID-19 cases that is compiled directly from the state’s public health authorities. The report shows the total cumulative value reported by the state since yesterday. The analysis includes the total number of patients that have tested positive for COVID-19, the number of deaths occurred due to the Coronavirus, and an alert level that contains three levels (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH) that provides information about the percentage of the population that has tested positive. Additionally, the page includes a graph of the above data in the form of a pie chart for visual representation.

Discussion Page

Our app can be used to keep track of relevant COVID19 information with a community-based discussion board. You will be able to see posts from your area about locations to avoid, recent outbreaks, and COVID19 tips.

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All the contents within COVIDTracker, including any materials, media files, text, among others, have been provided as a convenience to our users. The information provided by the user and obtained about the user (i.e., location) is intended for educational and informational purposes only. The data acquired by our application is not intended for any harmful reasons. Our application does not provide medical advice or substitute for the judgement of your regular doctor.