This app is designed for stroke survivors and let the user create routine, do various exercises, and track their progress.

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Brain Gains


In South Carolina, having a stroke is the fifth most common cause of death and is responsible for over 15,000 hospitalizations each year. Strokes occur when there is a blockage or leak in the vessels supplying blood to the brain. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 80% of strokes are preventable. For those who survive a stroke, they are often left with disability including weakness, loss of touch, visual deficits, and impaired speech. Survivors are at the greatest risk for having another stroke, which is often deadlier than the first. Fortunately, physical activity and/or exercise can help reduce risk of another stroke (as much as an 80% reduction). The problem however, is getting survivors to exercise on a regular basis. One reason for this is that survivors often lack the confidence or knowledge to perform exercise. Having an app that is readily available to them will hopefully increase confidence and physical activity. That’s where Brain Gains come in!

Brain Gains is an app designed for stroke survivors. It is an exercise app that focus on various muscle groups. The user can make an account, add certain excercises to a custom routine, remove excercises from their routine, record their progress, and track their heart rate. On the individual exercise screen, there is a description of the exercise and a link to a YouTube video to demonstrate the proper way to do the exercises.

There are various groups of exercises in the app such as balance and mobility. Each set has individual exercises designed with that muscle group in mind.

While using this app, you can record your heart rate as you do these various exercises.

You can create routines to customize your own personal work out.

About Us

Thomas O’Hara, Bryce Blanton, Russell Catoe, and Jonathan Dib are the designers for Brain Gains. We are all seniors at the University of South Carolina majoring in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Computer Engineering.

Demonstration of Our App

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