UofSC BlackGate Student Life Application

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This Application's Purpose

The BlackGate App is used to create a personalized experience for University of South Carolina students where they can view upcoming events and add them to their own calendars. With this application, users can keep track of important dates, sporting events, and more.

How To Use This Application

  1. Sign In and View The Home Page

    To Sign In, Enter your email and password in the apporopriate fields. And if you do not have an account yet, then Sign Up by switching the tab in the top to say Sign Up.

  2. Open on the Events Page

    Once inside, you can navigate to the events page by clicking on the event card. You should then see a list of different events.

  3. Choose An Interesting Event Add and add it to Your Calendar


            Select an event that piques your interest and either view its details, select another event, or add it to your calendar.

  4. View Your Event in the Calendar

    Use the back button to return to the home screen then navigate to the calendar screen to see your updated calendar with the new event.

  5. About

    Creators of the application:

            Harith K. - hkumte@email.sc.edu

            Harrison A. - handrade@email.sc.edu

            Andrew M. - merrila@email.sc.edu

            Aniruth S. - aniruth@emaul.sc.edu

            Mason V. - mvischer@email.sc.edu

    Repo URL Link:

    BlackGate Repo