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What is Beacon?

Beacon is a mobile application that supports relief efforts during natural disasters and emergency situations.
Beacon assists survivors and relief organizations in connecting with each other to find supplies and volunteer suppport more quickly.


How do you use Beacon?

There are two different types of accounts in Beacon: the first is the individual user. Individual users are people looking to help volunteer, looking for supplies, or interested in donating supplies.

The second type of account is for relief organizations. Organizations can quickly let the individuals know that they need volunteers or that they have supplies available for pickup.

Once the account is created, the user can log into Beacon.

Upon initial login to Beacon the feed appears. The feed is automatically filtered to the user’s location and the time so that the most relevant and recent posts appear.
Organizations are able to create posts once they are approved by our management team.

Posts consists of a title, content, an optional image, and a choice of whether to use the current location or a custom location. Posts are one of four different types of requests depending on the reason for the post.

The four different types are a supplies request if the org needs supplies, a supply pickup if the org has supplies to give away, a volunteer requests if the organization is in need of volunteers, or the post could be of type, volunteers available if they have extra relief workers.

Post creation is not available to individual user accounts at this time because we want to maximize the availability of relevant posts in an emergency situation.

Each of the posts correspond to the map depending on the user’s location so that the individual can quickly find supplies or opportunities in their area. If the user is looking for a post that is not in their area or doesnt appear in the feed, they can search for the post.

The settings page allows the user to edit their information and change their profile image. Finally a user can log out of the application.

We hope Beacon will help in a time of need!

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