Welcome to Atelier

A prevalent issue artists face is the struggle to make a consistent and stable living from their work. There are many excellent artists out there yet a sparse number of consumers who will buy their art. Only certain top-tier artists gain widespread popularity and a solid income. This app is a means for aspiring artists to upload their art and gain a following. Many social media apps allow people to share their art, but this is masked by all the other things one can do on social media.

Here Comes Our Idea

Our app lets users post just their art, find and become friends with other artists, explore other beautiful artwork, and chat with fellow creatives! Atelier doesn’t just let you connect and explore the amazing world of art, but it also lets aspiring creatives list a price for their work and connect with interested buyers, collectors and collaborators through our chat feature so that passionate artists can turn their heart-felt work into a product. The opportunity to get recognized in their community and truly experience appreciation for their work in multiple ways is just another cherry on the top.

Explore Our Features

Watch this video to learn about the functionality of our app!

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 4 09 12 AM

Snapshots of different screens

Once you login or register, you can view a home page to see what your friends posted recently, and like or comment

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Edit your profile, and add some featured posts from your uploads!

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Find artists and request to be friends. Pending requests appear on notifications tab

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Add your own art, Explore the app, Search for new public content

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More Cool Features Coming Soon

In the future we hope to implement three major changes

We hope we can implement these changes to give artists a unique platform while enhancing their experience on our app

Our Technology

Ionic Framework - Node.js - Firebase

Meet the Team



The purpose of End to end testing is to simulate the real user scenario and validate the system under test and its components for integration and data integrity.


run the command: npm run e2e.

If you love our work and want to let us know, connect with us!
In case of any issues, comments or concerns regarding our app, please reach out to ithumati@email.sc.edu. We’d love your feedback!