Allied Ignite

A mobile communication app built to spread information like wildfire.

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Key features of the app

Everything you need

Instant Announcments

Let everyone know what's up, all with the press of a button.

Push Notifications

Update the workers on what's going on, even when the app isn't open.

Beautiful Design

Still in process, needs some love

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Cloud Storage

Users data is all stored in the cloud, so you'll have room for those family photos.

Leveled Permissions

Want different permissions for managers and common employees? Check.

Login and Sign Up

Employees are able to create an account and sign into the app.

Safety Alerts

Ignite includes a dedicated tab for posting safety alerts so that you can inform your employees where precaution is needed.

Event Calendar

So your employees will know when and where to be for the ice cream social. See all the events in a month in a single tab.

Absence Forms

Want to automate the way employees report absences? Here, they can fill out a form with the pertainent info and the selected manager's email will receive a copy of the form in their inbox.

Meet The Team

Creative team behind this product

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