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The Revolutionary App to Upgrade Your Conference


About the App

ARt is a AR platform for conference vendors and atendees. Vendors will be able to upload and place freebies, tickets, invitations, and more around the conference center that attendees will be able to find. Attendees will be able to walk around the conference center collecting the items placed by vendors. The app was made to increase engagement and form better relationships between vendors and visitors.

How to Use

Once you install the apk, the app should launch. Users are able to create an account with our app immediately, and must verify their emails before they can login. Once the user has made an account and logged in, they will be directed to the Home screen which contains the camera output and is home to all Augmented Reality objects. Note that these objects are location based; with the current settings, users will only be able to pick up objects that are within approximately ~0.7 miles of them.

Before any items can be placed, the user must find surfaces nearby that are visually distinct enough to be recognized by AR core. There is text above the image capture button that will go away once enough surfaces are found to place items. This app only places items on vertical surfaces for now. Found surfaces are shown by coplanar white dots.

So, to test, you will need to add AR items into the database at your current location. This can be done by toggling on admin mode, in the account/user details screen. To add an AR Item, tap the globe icon and a dialog will show up. Fill out all the fields, and the item will be added to the database. If the item is not visible within a few seconds, restart the app (happens on rare occasions that it will not auto update).

The pencil icon shows items that are already nearby and should be added to the AR scene, based on their location and direction from the user. You can also select AR items and delete them from the database with this dialog.

If you navigate to the schedule screen, and have admin mode on, you will be able to add schedule items via the button shown at the bottom of the screen. Items can be deleted by accessing the context menu associated with each event, if admin mode is on. This is the menu that also lets you see all information and set reminders for events.

The prizes page will be empty until you tap an AR item and claim it. After that, the claimed item will show up on the prizes page. The photos/videos page will be empty until you capture photos or videos in the app.


Login and Create Account

Users can Login to an Existing Account or Create a New One


Users Find The Prizes Through the AR Screen of the App

User Information

Including Your Profile, Account Information, Support, and App Themes


Prizes You Have Claimed

Schedule of Events

Users can View the Schedule and Admins Can Add Events to the Schedule

Saved Photos

When Users Take Photos in the App They Appear Here

About The Team

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