Space Dash

What is Space Dash?

Space Dash is an endless runner, 2D-platformer created for mobile devices. The main goal of the game is to attain the highest score one possibly could, all while collecting power and shooting enemies as the game increasingly gets hard. Space Dash is a great game for down time, knocking of steam, or simply just wanting to play a video game!

How do you play Space Dash?

In order to play Space Dash, you need an android device.
Collect as many coins as you can! Be careful though, the outer space is a dangerous place.
Avoid falling into the void by staying on platforms. However, also keep in mind that the spikes will hurt you.
Aliens from outer space have also come for you. Defend yourself by throwing space rocks at them.
As you survive longer and longer, the cosmos become angry and make platform patterns harder.
The enemies also get more aggressive by shooting bullets at you.
There is a tutorial in-game on how to play.

In-Game Screenshots

In-game screen Play again screen Play again screen Play again screen